Mass Production of SMT

I have decided to move away from motors, generators, and energy this week. The next topic I want to talk is an electrical application that applies to the technological world. SMT (surface mount technology) is a electrical piece of hardware  that is massively produced in the world. Passive electrical components (resistors, capacitors, inductors) are put onto a PCB (printed circuit board) to form a piece of hardware with a certain purpose. The main components used on a PCB are chips, diodes, resistors, capacitors, IC’s (integrated circuits). Figure A displays the different electrical components involved in SMT.

Active_Passive_Component blog 6

Figure A: Different Electrical Components 

This technology allows these pieces of hardware to be massively produced and is a part of many of the technologies that we enjoy today. The PCB functions as a board that can connect all of the electrical components together through the copper wire traces that are already on the board. The board is basically a circuit that is designed by people for a certain purpose and is used in electrical devices. Boards can be as big or small as the designer wants, but producers have been searching for ways to make technology smaller and smaller as time goes on. Figure  B gives a view of what a PCB looks like with the components attached.

images board blog 6

Figure B: A PCB (Printed Circuit Board)

I am sure that most people have seen something that as looked like this before. I consider this a dohikey because a lot of these complex circuit are very well thought out and used for certain purposes. A schematic drawing of these circuit would probably be a nightmare.

To give a better idea of what the components are, I will make a list.

  1. Resistor: An electrical component that resists current flow
  2. Capacitor: Electrical component that stores charge
  3. Inductor: Electrical component that stores magnetic energy
  4. Transistor: A semiconductor device that is  capable of amplification
  5. IC (integrated circuit): This are little chips that have functions
  6. Diode: Forces current to go a certain direction

If you want to learn more about SMT, you can view this video.


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