Fly Your Kite the Cool Way

While doing research for my technical report, I came across a cool invention that related to my topic. The invention was a kite winder that reels a kite in after the kite is done being used. This youtube video is what I stumbled upon when I was doing my research for my topic.

Art is the name of the inventor of the kite winder in this video. He sells these kite winders, and I think this invention is creative. Personally, I can see a lot of people being turned off by this invention because this invention would take the fun out of being able to run with a kite. If a person preferred limited movement while flying a kite, I think the kite winder would be an awesome product. The kite winder is able to lock the string in position, and prevent the kite from traveling out farther. This product allows the user to reel in the kite quickly after the kite is done being used.

Art created his device by connected different parts together, and mounting the parts on some plywood.

The parts include:

DC motor

Figure A: DC motor 


Figure B: Battery


Figure C: Switch 

Figure D: Spool

speed nut
Figure E: Form of mechanical coupling/speed nut 

“The kite line winder weighs a mere 15 pounds. This is very portable with a handy handle (quotes from 4:40 in the video).” The kite winder weighs enough to prevent the wind from dragging the device around. I can see this being nice for someone who would like to watch the kite flying in the air, without holding on to the kite.

Overall, I think his invention is very creative. I am thinking about creating a device that is similar, but used differently. I am hoping to create something like this device to roll up string at the soccer fields. As a field worker, we use string to paint straight lines on a soccer field, and the string is incredibly annoying to roll up. My main hope is to create something like this to paint soccer fields faster. If I can create a device like this, I will maybe use the reel to fly a kite the cool way.




3 thoughts on “Fly Your Kite the Cool Way

  1. emmadrigal

    I’ve never flied a kite in general but this seems like a more exciting way to fly a kite. It also seems easy to make. I may try that someday!

  2. Cory

    As awesome as this looks, I have to say it takes the real kite flying experience out of it. But it looks very similar to what I imagined as the device you want to propose for your technical report. This kite winder is an awesome, yet simple, invention, but I feel like it would apply better to your project proposal than flying a kite!

  3. bvelu

    Interesting, I have never flown a kite before, but I can imagine that winding up the string after you are done may be pretty tedious. This seems to be a useful solution to that issue. However, not being able to run around with your kite may lessen the enjoyment of a kite flying experience.


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